Powder Coating Arena Roping Boxes

“Arena roping boxes need to be powder coated tough for you and your horses. At Quality Powder Coating, that’s just what we do.”

Roping boxes are in the toughest of conditions with weather, riders, and horses. At Quality Powder Coating, our powder coating process makes our products as tough as the horses and riders themselves. You’ll have the confidence your arena roping boxes won’t rust, chip, scratch, and be protected from UV rays. While other roping boxes need to be painted every year due to rust, but at Quality Powder Coating, your arena roping boxes will have over 20 year rust free protection.

Powder Coat Your Utah Arena Roping Boxes Today!

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Our secret for perfect rodeo roping boxes is our powder coating process. Other powder coater will cut corners on quality and their powder coat will have to be redone within a year. At Quality Powder Coating, we only do the best process of sandblast to a white finish, epoxy prime, and top coat in the color of your choice. This gives your powder coat looking new year after year.


Our Powder Coating Process for Roping Boxes

We sandblast to a clean white metal finish to remove any rust, oils, and clean the metal of impurities. Sandblasting to a white finish is the best option for the powder adhering to the metal. It is also the best choice for protection against rust. We next use an epoxy primer to seal the metal against water and harsh weather. Primer will also extend the longevity of the product than just using a top coat. Next we use a super durable polyester top coat in the color of your choice. The top coat act as a tough exterior to keep out moisture and to protect against scratching or chipping.